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We're nearly 6 months old!

February 17 2023 – Rebecca Glazier

We're nearly 6 months old!
We're nearly 6 months old!

We're excited to say we are nearly 6 months old! To celebrate we are hosting another Yarn Swap!

Join us on Saturday February 25th any time between 11:15am - 3pm for another edition of our Yarn Swap event.

What is a yarn swap?

Amongst friends and fellow knitters, a yarn swap is an exchange of yarns! A skein of something you no longer want to use for something they no longer want. It's a win-win and the yarn finds a new home!

A community yarn swap is a bigger treat!

To make these fibre exchanges fair and equitable to all previously loved and owned yarns, when you bring in your yarn to swap you will be giver 'yarn tickets'. The amount of tickets for your yarn is based on it's fibre content and whether it was commercial or hand dyed. 

Only full skeins in good condition will be accepted. Please no allergens (smells/ per hair) or evidence of moths (sand-like particles, loose/ cut ends).

To exchange yarn on the swap tables, just trade in your tickets!


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