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June 10 2023 – Rebecca Glazier


Whether you love to knit, crochet, embroider, needle felt or sew, you can participate in our Rabbit-A-Long!

As you may guess from our name, we love rabbits here at Baaad Rabbits! We are asked how we came up with the name, Baaad is for our connection to Baaad Anna's and Rabbit because I love rabbits!

I grew up with rabbits, our first one was kinda 'stolen' from next door! My sister found a rabbit at the bottom of our garden, and she was worried about it getting harmed when the farm was being sprayed (or something like that, we had a farm next to us at the back) She 'rescued' the rabbit and we looked after it for a few days or so. Eventually we found out it belonged to our next door neighbours and we dutifully returned him. My sister then proceeded to sit on the front step and cry her heart out! Our neighbours were so touched by her outburst they gave the rabbit to us!

When I was a bit older, my Mum bought a house and it came with a rabbit!! The man who owned the house before, had two big dogs and the rabbit was kept in a cage and was never able to be let out, we happily adopted this rabbit too and after some encouragement it came to love hopping around our garden.

Sadly I am allergic to rabbits and all furry things, so the next best thing is to fill our store with rabbits!

The showpiece!

When I first started looking into project ideas for the Rabbit-A-Long I came across Rabbit in the Moonlit Night (Ravelry link) by Theresa Shizu Tanaka and I couldn't wait to make it! And of course, the rabbit just had to be in Angora! I've been secretly making this and I'm so happy I can finally show it to you! The sample is in store and for sure can be touched, squished and tried on.

We have yarn kits available and they have been hopping out the door already, in each yarn kit is two balls of Angora and one skein of Mirasol Nuna. You can choose one of our kits, or choose your own combination.


Kiriki Bunny Doll Kit

We love Kiriki kits! We ordered lots of Bunny Doll kits specially for the Rabbit-A-Long for anyone who would like to embroider their very own Bunny Doll. Paula made a beautiful sample and she's such a cutie!

WildWestDye's Beginner Bunny kit

Inspired by a beautiful gift made by Sheila. Not long after we opened Sheila came to see us at the store and gave me a beautiful bunny made from WildWestDye's yarn, I was so touched! Bunny has proudly lived on our desk ever since and admired by so many people.

I just had to make a bunny kit with WildWestDye's yarn for the Rabbit-A-Long too! I've made six colours for you to choose from, and each kit includes 5 colours in 4 yarns, DK pure merino, DK merino/cashmere/silk, Singles fingering merino/cashmere/silk and Singles Bulky merino/cashmere/nylon. It's like a yarn tasting Bunny!


The events!

The official starting date of the Rabbit-A-Long is Saturday July 8th (but feel free to start sooner if you just can't wait!) I have a couple more rabbits I'll be making this month, the Dress Me Bunny and I'm pretty eager to make the Rabbit (Nursery) Wall Hanging (Ravelry link) I want to make the Turquoise Rabbit for the shop!

There's also a really fun Bunny Cable wristwarmer design I want to make in Hedgehog Merino Aran in Teacup (I had the thought earlier in the week whether I could whip one up ready to show you in this newsletter and had to tell myself that was not a possibility this week!) Bunny Rabbit Fingeless Mittens 3 (Ravelry link) by Grace Rose are sooo cute and will be perfect for me to wear in the shop when it gets colder!

With in person and virtual events available you can Rabbit-A-Long with us where ever you are!

Sign up to the starting party here.

See all kits here.


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