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Summer Stitch-A-Long

June 22 2024 – Rebecca Glazier

Summer Stitch-A-Long
Summer Stitch-A-Long

Whether you love to knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, felt or sew, you can participate in our Summer Stitch-A-Long!

Apply decoration to a project with a needle or hook and Stitch-A-Long with us! I've been having a lot of fun making the show pieces, reigniting my love of Embroidery and preparing our Summer Make-A-Long for you.

One of the very first pieces of fibre art I made, when I was 7 years old, was a tapestry piece on a plastic storage box. I know I was 7 years old as there was a card insert to cover the pack that I had to write on! My Mum still has this piece proudly on show (well, in the spare room!).

I spent my teens and early 20s exploring lots of fibre arts, cross stitch, embroidery, felting, beading, and I'm really enjoying diving back into this world again. I think it's safe to say I've really got the Embroidery bug! We'll be getting some Embroidery floss packs in soon, and I'm also looking forward to diving into the new book we've got in store, Embroidery on Knitting book by Britt-Marie Christoffersson.

The KAL will run from 10th July, for 9 weeks until Wednesday September 11th (the day after Baaad Rabbit's second anniversary!) when we will have a final party at Baaad Rabbits and in true MAL style we will draw a winner for a prize!

The grand prize is $100 gift voucher! You will receive an entry for every project and qualifying class, so the more you make, the higher the chance you will win! 

To qualify for a prize you will need to purchase your yarn or kit for the project(s) at Baaad Rabbits.

See the Ravelry Bundle here for inspiration, or come and see us in store! 

The showpieces!

The first of our show pieces is Interval Training Cowl by Carolyn Bloom in Sweet Georgia Superwash DK Seaside (2 skeins) and Cake Shop. A fun and engaging knit featuring 1x1 colourwork which is then embroidered. We have stocked up on Sweet Georgia's Party of Fives, pair it with 2 skeins of DK yarn and you are good to go!

If you haven't tried colourwork yet, we have a workshop on Thursday July 18th and this project is a great for your first colour work piece, the chart is a simple repeat, and the colour changes are oh so fun and encouraging to keep on knitting!

Hygge Embroidered Wristies

Single crochet fabric is the perfect base for cross stitch decoration! (and to note, Tunisian Simple stitch is too, see these pot holders here) I loosely followed the pattern and chart of the Hygge Wristies, and if you get hold of some grid paper you can design your own cross stitch pattern too! These can be made with any DK or Worsted yarn (I used Sweet Georgia DK)

Cottage Tea Cosy

I had so much fun making the Cottage Tea Cosy! I still think I'll add some more embroidery, but it's coming along! I *think* this was the one that sparked the inspiration! We had two customers come into the store a while back wanting to buy yarn for this project, and when I saw it, I knew I had to make it too!

The Cottage part is knitted then felted, and then a knitted roof, door and shutters are sewn on. Finally the flowers (and butterfly!) are embroidered. If you've never felted before, we have arranged a Tea Cosy Felting workshop on Sunday 28th July.

The sample was made with Cascade 220 Antique Heather and Copper Heather.

The events!

The official starting date of the Stitch-A-Long is Wednesday July 10th (as always, feel free to start whenever you wish!) We will have a mid SAL event on Wednesday August 7th, and the finale party on September 11th, one day after our 2 year anniversary!

Sign up to the events here.

See all the Embroidery & Cross stitch/ stitching kits here

See Ravelry Bundle for knitting and crochet inspo. here.



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