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Let's get Bulky!

December 17 2022 – Rebecca Glazier

Let's get Bulky!
Let's get Bulky!

If you've got any last minute gifts to make, we suggest you get some Super Bulky yarn on your needles and hooks!

If you like to crochet, we have a new free crochet rib cowl pattern for you, made with Estelle's Eco Scandinavian Super Bulky yarn. Using a 12mm/ US size 17 hook it sure crochet's up fast!

We have 20 colours for you to choose from; neutrals, pastels and brights.

20 skeins of Eco Scandinavian Bulky yarn

The Crochet Rib Cowl is made with hdc (half double crochet) worked through the back loop on the right side, and the horizontal bar on the wrong side to create the rib affect.

If you're still new-ish to crochet we have YouTube videos to take you through every step of the way. Or if you're totally new to crochet and think you would like to take a class, we have one scheduled in February.

Beginner's Crochet Rib Cowl Class. 


We've also got a free knitted Easy Beanie Rib hat pattern for you, made with Estelle's Bulky yarn, it's soft, quick and it sure is cosy! Made on 9mm needles, there's enough yarn left over to make a pompom, or even a crochet headband!

Again, if you're new-ish to knitting, we have a YouTube series for you to follow along with, or you can come and take a class with us in January.

Beginners hat knitting class. 

You need to already know how to knit to take this class.


Person wearing a hand knitted hat

More quick & bulky ideas for you:

Christmas Stocking (Ravelry link) a free pattern if you fancy a new Christmas stocking! The designer was able to make this in 5 hours!


Valentine Hat (Ravelry link) My mind is clearly in Valentine mode already, but this cable heart hat is absolutely lovely, I might even make one for the shop and is also a free pattern.


Gimme All The Cables Toque (Ravelry link) If you love cables, but are not in the mood for a valentine theme hat, then this free cable hat pattern is for you.


Or for a super quick knit how about this Super Bulky Braided Headband, (Ravelry link) this sure will be a quick, and I was surprised this week how warm a headband is (I am converted!)


A made this crochet headband earlier this week, Windward Winter Headband (Ravelry link) I needed 38 chain stitches to fit my head (21.5") and I probably made it in an hour or so.



Time after Time cowl, (Ravelry link) a beautiful simple 2 colour cowl design with options for one or two colours, short and long included in the pattern.


Or, how about a Cozy Winter Sweater Wreath? (Ravelry link) I think this is so cute!!


Artic Ice Beanie (Ravelry link) a quick and easy crochet hat pattern, sure to keep you warm!


And these really cute crochet stockings! Now I know what I want to make for the shop next Christmas too! Creama Christmas Stockings (Ravelry link) uses the waistcoast stitch which looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to trying this out.


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