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Bee My Honey-A-Long

January 20 2024 – Rebecca Glazier

Bee My Honey-A-Long
Bee My Honey-A-Long

Spring may not feel like it's on it's way, but let's count down to Spring with Baaad Rabbits and our Bee My Honey-A-Long!

Starting Wednesday 7th February, and running for 6 weeks with the finale on the 20th March (the second day of Spring!)

Join in the fun and choose one of the Bee themed projects, (or choose your own) choose your yarn and cast-on with us on the 7th!

There will be a prize of course! To be eligible your materials need to be purchased from Baaad Rabbits.

In the spirit of a new year, we also invite you to try something new! Maybe you haven't worked with mohair before, maybe you've never cabled, or brioched, or something else! Take a look through the projects and see if there's something you've been wanting to try, but haven't got round to yet.

Project inspiration: (All Ravelry links)


Beeswax Cowl by Amy van de Laar

Honey Brioche Cowl by Stephen West

Sweet as Honey Cowl by Simone Van Iderstine

Spiced Honeycomb Cowl by Kimber Baldwin

Honeycomb Conjecture Cowl by Mary W Martin

 Image above: Honey Comb cowl by Stephen West

The Honey Brioche (Ravelry link) cowl by Stephen West is a lovely fully reversible puffy, squashy, beautiful cowl! I held a strand of Rico Print mohair with WildWestDye's merino/ cashmere/ silk singles, you could also use Lang Merino 150 + mohair.

A perfect project if you haven't cabled or brioched before, or even if you have! We have arranged a class starting Thursday February 8th if these techniques are new to you.


Beeswax Hat by Amy van de Laar

Sweet as Honey by Simone Van Iderstine

Honey Flower Hat by Melini Melini


Scarf/ Shawl:

Beeswax Scarf by Amy van de Laar

Honey Striped Scarf by Stephen West

Honey Scarf by Munro Sister3

Honey Bee Wrap by Erin Gates



Honeycomb by Yumiko Alexander

Honey Folk by Annie Lupton

  Image above: Honeycomb by Yumiko Alexander


August Honey Socks by This Handmade Life

Honey and Bee Socks by Maria Matthes

Honey Glazed Popcorn socks by Dolly Laishram



Honey Purse by PetiteKnit

Honey Clutch by PetiteKnit

Honey Bucket Bag by PetiteKnit

Honey Clutch

 Image above: Honey Clutch cowl by PetiteKnit

Honey Comb brioche is so so pretty, I've wanted to make something in it for quite some time, so when I saw PetiteKnit's Honey Clutch (Ravelry link) it was meant to be, and I do love making bags!

I used Rico's neon sock yarn + mohair, (I do love some neon!) any fingering weight + mohair would work.

We have a Honeycomb brioche and a Double knit workshop if you'd like to take a class that uses the techniques used in this project.


Honey Waffle Sweater by Emilia Johansson

Honey Bee Blanket by Briana K Designs 

Honey Comb Shawl by Becca Bomgardner 

The Garden of Honey Shawl by Susy Knotsosquare

Hotel of Bees Shawl by Cristina Hadderingh


Rebecca is *pretty* sure she's make the Honey Waffle Sweater... it's been on her want to make list for a while, is in the spirit of something 'new' as she has never made any waffle crochet before! 

What will you make?

See the Ravelry Bundle here.

We also have some classes which may help you on your way:

Learn to Brioche

Learn to Honeycomb brioche

Double knitting 


Honey Comb Cowl class

Join the cast-on party here.



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