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Spring Class schedule

March 08 2024 – Rebecca Glazier

Spring Class schedule
Spring Class schedule

We love teaching at Baaad Rabbits, if you'd like to learn how to knit, crochet, learn new techniques or knit your first sweater, we've got a class for you!


Natural Dyeing workshop: Marigolds: Saturday March 16th, 12-3pm *Sold out* & 4-7pm *spaces available.

In this hands on workshop you will dye a skein of yarn with Marigolds grown in Baaad Rabbit's very own dye garden!*

We will discuss resist techniques if you would like to use these for your skein, and also discuss how to prepare your own yarn for dyeing with both scouring and mordanting.  A hand out will be provided for future use.

With the yarn you will be able to make a cowl, or pair of wristwarmers, or use for some colourwork! Sign up here.


Needle Felting, Bee My Honey-A-Long EditionSaturday March 23rd, 12 - 2pm.

Join us for a 2 hour workshop in Needle Felting, no previous experience required. Needle Felting is a quick and fun way to make three dimensional fibre pieces. 

Local artist, Mel Broome will be hosting this beginners event, and will teach you the basics of 3D needle felting, the tricks to creating a fine finish on your work, how to mix and shape wool like a pro. Sign up here.


Fixing Mistakes: Sunday March 24th 9:30 - 11:30am.

This workshop is for those of you who would like to learn how to fix your mistakes in knitting. Regardless of how long you've been knitting for, you never stop making mistakes, the key is becoming confident in fixing them in an efficient and stress less way! Sign up here.


Learn to BriocheSunday March 24th 12pm - 2pm.

A brioche workshop for anyone who has never brioche-ed before or would like a refresh. You will first learn how to work one colour brioche, before moving onto two colour (where the real fun starts!) Sign up here


Two hand Colourwork KnittingSunday March 24th 2:30pm - 4:30pm.

 Learning to be able to knit with yarn from both hands is the first step in being able to knit with yarn coming from both hands at the same time.

In this workshop you will learn how to knit with yarn from your non dominant hand and then you will try knitting with two colours, one from each hand. Sign up here



Learn to KnitStarts Sunday April 7th, 9:30 - 11am. 4 part series. 

A beginner level class for anyone who has never picked up needles or you are in need of a refresh. You will learn how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off whilst making a pair or wristwarmers. Sign up here.


Learn to Crochet: Starts Sunday April 7th, 11:30am - 1pm. 4 part series. 

A beginner level class for anyone who has never picked up a hook or if you are in need of a refresh. You will learn how chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet, then apply these skills to making a scrubby and an amigurumi rainbow. Sign up here.


Brioche Knots hat: Starts Sunday April 7th, 1:30pm - 3:30pm. 3 part series. 

 Brioche and star stitch, cable motifs and Celtic knots all come together in this project based class. You will learn all of these techniques whilst making the gorgeous Brioche Knots Hat designed by Katrin Schubert. 

You will also learn how to add a rolled stockinette border to any hat pattern, and the alternative brioche decrease stitches! Sign up here.


Knit a Sweater that fits you: Starting Thursday April 11th, 6:30 - 8pm, 5 part class.

Learn not only how to knit a sweater, but also how to make one that fits you the way you want it to in this in-depth five part class.

Making a sweater is reasonably straightforward, making a sweater that fits is entirely different. Sign up here


Yarn Tasting workshop social: Friday April 12th, 6:30pm - 9pm.

A cozy sit-down event with some refreshments, hands-on crochet or knitting, and good company! Each participant will receive a variety of yarns to 'sample' which, one by one, they can cast onto their hook or needle while yarn specs, pattern-making suggestions and finished objects are presented. Sign up here.


Cuff Down Socks: Starts Saturday April 13th, 9:30 - 11am, 4 part class.

sock class for anyone who has never knitted socks before. Over 4 weeks you will learn how to make cuff down socks. You will learn all aspects of cuff down socks, heel stitch, short rows to turn a heel, picking up stitches and graft your stitches to close your toe at the end. Sign up here.


Butterfly ShawlSaturday April 13th, 12pm - 3pm.

Butterfly shawl by MarinJaKnits is a stunning two colour shawl. The shaping of the butterfly is created with short rows. 

In this 3 hour workshop and using two small amounts of yarn (40m/ 44y) of contrasting colours and learn all the techniques required to make this stunning shawl and how to navigate the pattern afterwards independently. Sign up here.


Ladderback Jacquard workshopSaturday April 13th, 4pm - 6pm.

In this workshop you will learn the *super cool* ladderback jacquard technique, similar to double knitting, a clean way to work long floats along the back of your colourwork projects. Sign up here.


Magic Circle Scarf: Starts Sunday April 14th, 1:30pm - 4:30pm, 2 part class.

Magic Circle Scarf by Janie Crowfoot is an absolute beauty! Rebecca enjoyed every moment making this scarf.

In this two part class you will learn how to confidently make the circles, semi-circles and quarters. Work the frames, and how to crochet the motifs into the frame, as well as best practices for sewing in your ends! A demo will be shown for the outside border in the last class. Sign up here.


Beginner's Tunisian Crochet: Starts Saturday April 20th, 11:30am - 1pm, 4 part class.

You will learn how chain stitch, work the Tunisian simple stitch, Tunisian Knit stitch, single crochet and apply these skills to make a dishcloth, neck warmer and/ or wristwarmer.

Included in the class price is the book 'Beginner's Guide to Tunisian Crochet' by Emma Guess. Sign up here.


Finish it workshopSaturday April 20th, 1:30pm - 3pm or 3:30-5pm.

Do you need some help with your knitting or crochet project? Are you stuck and no longer able to move forward? Join us at Baaad Rabbits for a 'Finish it!' workshop.

Rebecca will help you get your project out of the naughty pile and back in your good books! Bring your project, pattern and your tools with you. Sign up here.


Rock it Tee Sweater top class: Starts Tuesday April 30th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 3 part class or Thursday May 2nd, 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Rock it Tee is a great V neck top perfect for Spring and Summer, an enjoyable striped knitted top you'll want to make again and again!

Learn how to knit a V neck top that fits you the way you want it to in this 3 part, 6 hour class. Sign up here.




Pressed Flowers Mosaic workshop: Saturday May 4th, 4pm - 6pm. 

Would you like to learn mosaic/ slip stitch knitting and how to read a chart? Join us for a 2 hour workshop at Baaad Rabbit's and we'll get you started on the stunning Pressed Flowers Cowl by Amy Christoffers.

During the workshop we will work a swatch of the pressed flowers motif, make sure you understand how to read the pattern and chart, and get you started on your cowl.  Sign up here


Honeycomb BriocheSaturday May 11th, 4pm - 6pm. 

Honeycomb brioche is a beautiful waffle like fabric, similar to working bricohe, but different! You do not need to have brioch-ed before to take this workshop.

You will first learn how to work one colour honeycomb brioche, before moving onto two colour. Sign up here


Brioche Shawl WorkshopSaturday May 18th, 4pm - 6pm. 

This workshop is for anyone who would like to make their first brioche project! Maybe you have tried before and have not been successful, maybe you have only made a brioche swatch, but now it's time to embark on your first brioche shawl! Sign up here.


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