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Christmas knits from Head to Toe!

December 09 2022 – Rebecca Glazier

Christmas knits from Head to Toe!
Christmas knits from Head to Toe!

It's starting to feel like Christmas here at Baaad Rabbits!

We've got our Christmas display up and if you need to make any last minute gifts for yourself, or someone you love, we have two free patterns for you.

Person wearing a red and white hand knitted hat

First up, is Cosy Christmas hat A simple stockinette hat, knit in the round on Estelle's Chunky yarn a soft, machine washable yarn worked on 6mm/ US size 10 needles is also a quick knit!

For a one colour hat with no pom pom you only need one skein, if you want a pom pom then you will need to buy two skeins (two of the same colour, or one of each colour for a two colour hat)

S/ M/ & L sizes are available in the pattern.


So that's your head covered, but what about your toes?!


Red and white hand knitted sock

 We have you covered with a matching Cosy Christmas sock! Made using Estelle Chunky yarn, a toe up bulky sock, quick (relatively) to knit, and, we have a playlist of YouTube videos if you need any help along your way!


If you'd like to make the socks in one colour, you only need one skein, however we do recommend you weigh your yarn before you start to make sure you don't use more than half a skein for each sock. Depending on the foot length you are making for will determine how long your ribbing will be at the top.


We have 19 colours to choose from, so if red+white isn't your cup of tea, then I'm sure we have something that is!  

Now if last minute knitting gifts is not on the cards, then how about a gift card instead! You can now buy gift cards online or in store perfect for your yarn loving friends and family!


And now for something completely different...

Pink and yellow crochet panel

So, I'm not normally one for casting on Summer tops in Winter, however, we've got some new 100% linen in store, and inside the box was the most amazing pink and yellow! (It's like someone knew what my favourite colours were!)

I had a look for some patterns on Ravelry and out popped this beauty!!! Kaleidoscope top (Ravelry link) is a really fun, rather quite addictive, crochet top. And if pink & yellow isn't your thing, then we have some alternative two colour options for you to choose from.

I'm using a 3.75mm hook and the yarn is a joy to crochet with, even though it's multiple plys it rarely splits and I find crocheting with linen much easier on my hands compared to knitting.

Balls of linen in two colour combinations


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